Procedures for submitting a Service Request to Dandy Amusements

In an ongoing effort to enhance processes and improve service, Dandy Amusement service calls can now be placed online directly through Cinema Solutions.

Using the Cinema Solutions site, theatres may submit the service request online allowing us as well as Dandy to track the number of service requests placed and how quickly they are completed.
Two things happen simultaneously once the service request is submitted. A text message is automatically delivered to the cell phone of the local service provider. An email is sent to the service technician's computer.

Once the work has been completed for the service call, the technician will log in online and close out the request.

Please note: Prior to placing your first service request, you will need to submit a "test" request to alert Dandy that your system is now set up to place service calls through Cinema Solutions. Please type "Test" in the comments section to let the Dandy technician know that it is not an actual service request.
Following are procedures for placing the "test" and subsequent actual service requests. A screen shot is also included of what the screen will look like prior to submission.

Placing a Seivice Request

1. Choose View -> Purchasing from the Cinema Solution Menu bar, then select Service Requests from the sub menu. If a Purchasing Location’s screen appears, select the correct location before proceeding; otherwise, proceed to Step 2.
2.  First you must enter your name in the top right (Ordered by).
3. Next, click on Choose From List to choose the service company in the supplier section. Select the name of the desired company which in this case will be Dandy Amusements. The local service technician’s contact information will automatically populate into the form.
4. Ignore the Credit /P Card information in the fields provided (once the game needing service is selected in step 6, the credit card information should disappear).
5. Next, fill in the service request items by selecting the plus sign (+) in the form below. This will display a list of the theatre’s games.
6. Select the game that needs to be serviced. Subsequently, the form will fill in with the details of that game. If another game needs to be reported simply click on the next plus sign.
7. In the comments section add a brief description of the problem.
8. Finally, click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

Once the service request has been submitted, a confirmation # and PO# will appear that can be printed for your records.

Checking the Status of a Service Request.

1. Select View -> Receiving from the Cinema Solution Menu bar.
2. Next, search for the service request using the search tool at the top of your page. Once you have located the correct request, click on the P0 # that is in the far left column.
3. The status will indicate that the request is either done or pending.
4. Pending means the service technician has either not completed the service request or has completed the work but has not closed out the service call online.
5.  Once the technician has done the work and logged it online it will have a “Done” status.

Screen shot of service request prior to submission

image of order module

If you experience any problems or need additional support beyond what the document can provide please contact Cinema Solutions via e-mail at:      

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